The Creative Cat

The Creative Cat

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Every day, Cedric noticed the other cats trying different approaches to find a good home. One day, his best friend Bert said, “I have the perfect idea, Cedric! I’ll run out of the alley when I see one of those fancy limos passing by. Those rich folks will surely take me in!”

Bert tried this approach for several days, yet he didn’t have any luck getting picked up by the rich folks.

Cedric said to himself, “If I try Bert’s approach, I’ll be homeless forever!” And that’s when he came up with a better idea. He hung out at the corner of the alley and waited for the truck from the animal shelter to pass by.

“As soon as I see the animal shelter truck, I’ll start scampering away. They’ll be sure to chase me down and catch me!”

And sure enough, Cedric’s plan worked. As he dashed down the street, he was pursued by the shelter worker and caught. But now what?

Cedric figured that if he ended up at the animal shelter, he’d encounter lots of people looking for homeless cats to adopt. And he was correct!

After only three days in the shelter, cat lovers Mary and Matthew came in.

As they turned the corner, Matthew remarked, “Hey mom, look at that brown cat! He’ll be the perfect addition to our family!”

Mary quickly agreed and made arrangements to take Cedric home. Cedric was extremely happy to be chosen.

When he arrived at Mary and Matthew’s home, he was warmly greeted by another cat. Finally, his dream came true!

The Creative Cat Fable – Reflection

Both Cedric and Bert shared the same sentiment about escaping the homeless life. However, they had completely different ideas on how to achieve that end result. Bert spent his time trying to find the easy way out. Little did he know that it would be more difficult than he expected.

Cedric, on the other hand, decided to be creative. He thought of a less obvious way to reach the same end goal.

Having an open mind and clear thoughts could be the difference between reaching your goal and missing it completely.

When you keep your thoughts confined in the same box, your options can be limited. You may be unable to take advantage of the same opportunities as the more creative thinkers.

It’s possible that the more unique solution can take you closer to your desired outcome. While it may be an unpopular choice, it could end up being the most effective.

Avoid thoughts of self-doubt or uncertainty because they cloud your judgment.

It’s important to remember that you can find a way to make something happen, if you want it badly enough. Consider alternative options when the obvious ones aren’t getting you where you want to go. You may very well surprise yourself and others!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some examples of times when I’ve used creative thinking or witnessed others thinking outside the box?
  2. How could creative thinking enhance my life?
  3. How can I display more creative thinking in my everyday routines?

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