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Rekindle Your Creativity

Harnessing your ingenuity will make your life more meaningful and enjoyable. Discover here why creativity is so important and welcome more innovation and inspiration into your daily activities.

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How Creativity Enriches Your Life

  1. Experience more joy. Creativity flourishes when you think positively. Find your passions and cultivate them. Embrace challenges with curiosity. Observe the conditions that help you get “in the zone.”

  2. Improve your physical health. Studies show that creativity exercises are an effective way to relieve stress and boost our immune system. Those who think resourcefully also cope better with aging and experience fewer declines in their cognitive functions.

  3. Strengthen your relationships. A sense of imagination can even enhance your personal relationships. Break out of the same old conflicts by searching for common ground. Look at challenging situations from the other person’s perspective and try out a different response.

  4. Perform better at work. Collaboration is integral to the creative process. Help create a more cooperative atmosphere where colleagues complement each other’s strengths rather than competing.

  5. Be all you can be. We all have some form of creative genius. Enjoy the pleasure of developing your own gifts. With persistence and an open mind, you’ll expand your skills for responding to all kinds of challenges.

Techniques for Sparking Your Creativity

  1. Brainstorm. Generating ideas is usually the first step in the creative process. Put aside any judgments and just let the options flow. Now’s your chance to get zany and experimental.

  2. Incubate. Before inspiration hits, there’s usually a quiet time while we digest our ideas.
  • Help your unconscious mind along by taking a quiet walk or a relaxing shower. Routine tasks like washing dishes can also trigger insights. Think about a dilemma right before bed, and you may wake up with a solution.

  • Take action. Make a plan for how to implement your ideas. Regard every attempt as a learning experience even if the immediate results fail to pan out. Remember that successful people succeed because they take more risks.

  • Lighten up. Free up your fertile mind.
  • Some gentle aerobics and stretches will relax your body.
    • Meditation or soft music can dispel anxieties or boredom.
    • Humor is a very powerful tool for lowering inhibitions and seeing things more vividly.

  • Change your routine. Any adjustment to your usual way of doing things can help you take a fresh look at life. Take an alternate route to work or visit a coffee shop on the other side of town. Expand your horizons by looking for ways to experience novelty on a regular basis.

  • Observe the details. On the other hand, you can re-invent the most familiar aspects of your life by viewing them from a fresh angle. Think about how your kitchen would appear to an alien from space.

  • Ignore the clock. Get up early so you can savor the luxury of open-ended time. Forget about deadlines. Focus on the present moment instead of thinking about the next task you have scheduled. Feel what it’s like to be free from hurrying. Try to remember that sensation as you start your day.

  • Get a hobby. Make the most of your leisure time with creative outlets that incorporate your passions. You may delight in watercolors. Or maybe you really get a kick out of working on cars.

  • Seek inspiration. Surround yourself with whatever you find invigorating. Visit art museums or go camping. Spend more time playing with your kids and getting caught up in their excitement each time they see something new.

Transform your life into a work of art by tapping into your creative side. Once you discover and develop your passions, you’ll be on your way to feeling more accomplished and fulfilled.

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I have a creative side.  

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Life is a continuing adventure and my creativity serves me well to keep me excited. Being creative helps me discover new talents and expand my capabilities.

During my spare time, I try new activities to strengthen my creativity and learn more about myself. I am proud of my creative side.

I engage in activities that allow my creativity to flow. I find that if I let go of being self-critical, my creativity comes out more easily. I tell myself that any form of self-expression is creative. I focus less on the finished product and more on the journey of creating. Even so, sometimes the end product also brings me great joy.

Having a creative side makes even routine tasks more fun. I release creativity when doing small tasks or performing other daily activities. I might doodle a quick picture on my shopping list. When I place food items on a serving dish, I arrange them so they are pleasing to the eye as well as the palate.

My creativity also helps me reach my goals. When challenges arise, rather than wasting time bemoaning it, I use my creativity to resolve the constraint or find a way around it. If one strategy fails to work, I simply devise a new strategy to propel me forward to success.

Today, I give full reign to my creativity to take me where it will. I trust my creative side to get me through the day with fun, excitement, and success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I have a creative side? Do I allow it to freely manifest?
  2. During which types of activities am I the most creative? Are there other times when I could be more creative?
  3. What new activities can I try to allow me to discover more of my creative side?
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How to Unleash Your Creativity in 30 Minutes a Day

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Although it’s true that some people are more creative than others, everyone can be inventive and original in their own way. Your creativity is inside you now. Perhaps it’s just waiting for you to tap into it.

Try some of these methods for 30 minutes each day to release your creativity:

  1. Harken back to your childhood. Did you have an active imagination? Maybe you pretended you were a teacher or a doctor. Perhaps you played as if you were the greatest skateboarder in the world. Assuming certain personas is a good way to show your creativity.

  2. Right now, imagine yourself as the best worker at your job. How would you look, dress, and behave? What would you say to others? How would you relate?
  • Visualize that you’re the best at something for at least 10 minutes each day.
  • What are you good at? For the next 10, 20, or 30 minutes, consider your various skills, talents, and knowledge base. Then pick one skill to focus on. What makes you good at this particular ability?
  • Maybe you think you’re excellent when it comes to following instructions. You listen well. You pay attention. You quickly pick up on what’s expected of you.
  • Perhaps you’re intrinsically motivated, which means you’re internally motivated to complete a job to the desired specifications.

  • When you know what you’re good at, you feel confident. And when you’re confident, you’re not afraid to try new things and experiment (which are aspects of being creative).
  • Let your mind fantasize about something in your life. Maybe you’d love to buy the big house on the corner or experience the serious love relationship you yearn for. Give yourself 30 minutes to sit back and fantasize.

  • Think about what that house looks like on the inside. Picture the face of your potential mate.
  • Carry a written copy of your top 3 life goals with you. Giving yourself permission to dream and reach for your desired goals enhances your ability to ponder how you can achieve them.

  • You hold the creative keys to pursue those goals however you choose. Let your mind run free with it. Think about these questions: what can you do today, tomorrow, next week, and next month to go after what you want?  
  • Identify someone you like or respect very much. Spend time thinking about this individual. What is it about them you like? How can you be more like them? Pick one characteristic you’ll work on emulating for the next month.

  • For example, if you like John at work because he smiles all the time and seems to consistently be in a good mood, perhaps you can begin to behave in the same ways.
  • Trying on new personal characteristics allows you to stretch yourself creatively to see what you can do.

  • Experiment with a new creative activity. We cultivate our creativity by engaging in creative endeavors. So, buy a block of clay, a jewelry-making kit, or some paints and canvases at your local arts and crafts store and have at it.

  • You’ll likely end up spending over a half-hour daily on your new pursuit. But, that’s okay because you’re expanding your mind along with your skills.

  • If you’re feeling timid and unsure about how to start, sign up for a beginning art class just to see what happens. Working with your hands and mind together opens up new avenues and can get your creative juices flowing.

It’s true that you can release your inner creativity and imagination by devoting just 30 minutes to any of the above strategies or try a combination of 2 or 3 of them.

Believe that you are a creative individual and prove it by doing something each day to cultivate your imagination and originality.

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The Creative Cat

The Creative Cat

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Every day, Cedric noticed the other cats trying different approaches to find a good home. One day, his best friend Bert said, “I have the perfect idea, Cedric! I’ll run out of the alley when I see one of those fancy limos passing by. Those rich folks will surely take me in!”

Bert tried this approach for several days, yet he didn’t have any luck getting picked up by the rich folks.

Cedric said to himself, “If I try Bert’s approach, I’ll be homeless forever!” And that’s when he came up with a better idea. He hung out at the corner of the alley and waited for the truck from the animal shelter to pass by.

“As soon as I see the animal shelter truck, I’ll start scampering away. They’ll be sure to chase me down and catch me!”

And sure enough, Cedric’s plan worked. As he dashed down the street, he was pursued by the shelter worker and caught. But now what?

Cedric figured that if he ended up at the animal shelter, he’d encounter lots of people looking for homeless cats to adopt. And he was correct!

After only three days in the shelter, cat lovers Mary and Matthew came in.

As they turned the corner, Matthew remarked, “Hey mom, look at that brown cat! He’ll be the perfect addition to our family!”

Mary quickly agreed and made arrangements to take Cedric home. Cedric was extremely happy to be chosen.

When he arrived at Mary and Matthew’s home, he was warmly greeted by another cat. Finally, his dream came true!

The Creative Cat Fable – Reflection

Both Cedric and Bert shared the same sentiment about escaping the homeless life. However, they had completely different ideas on how to achieve that end result. Bert spent his time trying to find the easy way out. Little did he know that it would be more difficult than he expected.

Cedric, on the other hand, decided to be creative. He thought of a less obvious way to reach the same end goal.

Having an open mind and clear thoughts could be the difference between reaching your goal and missing it completely.

When you keep your thoughts confined in the same box, your options can be limited. You may be unable to take advantage of the same opportunities as the more creative thinkers.

It’s possible that the more unique solution can take you closer to your desired outcome. While it may be an unpopular choice, it could end up being the most effective.

Avoid thoughts of self-doubt or uncertainty because they cloud your judgment.

It’s important to remember that you can find a way to make something happen, if you want it badly enough. Consider alternative options when the obvious ones aren’t getting you where you want to go. You may very well surprise yourself and others!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some examples of times when I’ve used creative thinking or witnessed others thinking outside the box?
  2. How could creative thinking enhance my life?
  3. How can I display more creative thinking in my everyday routines?