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I see inspiration all around me.

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Each day of my life, I strive to be original, creative, and open-minded.

I endeavor to come up with ideas at work about how to do something more efficiently. At home, I look for strategies to help me accomplish ordinary routines in ways that bring interest, opportunities to share, and completion of tasks. And to do all of these things, I am required to be inspired.

The process of finding inspiration brings out the best in me.

I notice I listen to others with my whole heart so I can glean the most important thoughts and ideas from the conversation.

I observe others with curiosity. I want to know what they are involved in and how they accomplish their goals in an average day. I am often inspired by watching a co-worker engage in a task in a different manner than I do.

I marvel at the inspiration I gather from my children. They bring to my life a never-ending sense of wonder and a “can do” spirit.

It seems that, regardless of where I go and what I am doing, something inspiring finds its way to me.

Today, my plan is to find inspiration from my natural surroundings. I am proud of the fact that my eyes are wide open when it comes to discovering inspiration.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How easy is it for me to come up with a new idea?
  2. What have I seen today that inspires me?
  3. What can I do to insure I consistently notice the inspiration around me?
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I have a creative side.  

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Life is a continuing adventure and my creativity serves me well to keep me excited. Being creative helps me discover new talents and expand my capabilities.

During my spare time, I try new activities to strengthen my creativity and learn more about myself. I am proud of my creative side.

I engage in activities that allow my creativity to flow. I find that if I let go of being self-critical, my creativity comes out more easily. I tell myself that any form of self-expression is creative. I focus less on the finished product and more on the journey of creating. Even so, sometimes the end product also brings me great joy.

Having a creative side makes even routine tasks more fun. I release creativity when doing small tasks or performing other daily activities. I might doodle a quick picture on my shopping list. When I place food items on a serving dish, I arrange them so they are pleasing to the eye as well as the palate.

My creativity also helps me reach my goals. When challenges arise, rather than wasting time bemoaning it, I use my creativity to resolve the constraint or find a way around it. If one strategy fails to work, I simply devise a new strategy to propel me forward to success.

Today, I give full reign to my creativity to take me where it will. I trust my creative side to get me through the day with fun, excitement, and success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I have a creative side? Do I allow it to freely manifest?
  2. During which types of activities am I the most creative? Are there other times when I could be more creative?
  3. What new activities can I try to allow me to discover more of my creative side?