The following is information for commissioning me to do a specific piece of artwork for you or your loved one (or anyone for that matter :)).

Here is a quote from Tom after receiving a commissioned portrait his wife had me create of their family:

Can’t thank you enough for the painting. Only 3 works of art have ever brought tears to my eyes. Now it’s four. Simply amazing and I’m totally blown away!


Please contact Colin if you are interested in purchasing one of his pieces or commissioning him to create a work for you.

For commissioned pieces, here is some general information:

Process Overview:

o First, you contact me and let me know you would like me to commission a piece. Ideally, you reference a few of my pieces that resonate with you.

o Second, you let me know the subject matter and medium (either watercolor, pen & ink, mixed media, or artist’s choice). You also decide whether the piece will be 22” x 30”, 12” x 12”, or 6” x 6” (invitations/save the dates would be 6” x 6”).

o Third, I send you the contract and we finalize terms.

o Fourth, I send you very rough sketches to agree on basic composition and color palate.

o Fifth, I send you pictures of the final piece, you love it, and I either send it to you or if you are in the Detroit area we figure out a time and place for pickup.

Current Timeline: I am currently accepting commissions, and in general a commissioned work will take approximately 2 months (you may be able to expedite the work at an additional cost). When we start planning out the piece I can give you a better timeline commitment, which will be memorialized in the contract.

Contract: Here is a sample contract: Commission Contract CTD

Pricing: I am currently only creating works on paper in the following sizes and for the following prices:

o 22” x 30” = $2,500

o 12” x 12” = $1,500

o 6” x 6” =$750

Creative Overview: If you have a specific subject matter (family portrait, family pet, or certain landscape), I would ask that you send me several pictures and/or videos of the subject matter. That will allow me to get familiar with the subject matter and use all of the reference materials to create a compelling composition with my style. After I have had a chance to review the reference materials, I will send you a couple sketches and proposed color palates.

To get started, email Colin directly at

Or you can use the form below: