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Sales & Commissions

Please contact Colin if you are interested in purchasing one of his pieces or commissioning him to create a work for you.

For commissioned pieces, here is some general information:

Process Overview:

o First, you contact me and let me know you would like me to commission a piece. Ideally, you reference a few of my pieces that resonate with you.

o Second, you let me know the subject matter and medium (either watercolor, pen & ink, mixed media, or artist’s choice). You also decide whether the piece will be 22” x 30”, 12” x 12”, or 6” x 6” (invitations/save the dates would be 6” x 6”).

o Third, I send you the contract and we finalize terms.

o Fourth, I send you very rough sketches to agree on basic composition and color palate.

o Fifth, I send you pictures of the final piece, you love it, and I either send it to you or if you are in the Detroit area we figure out a time and place for pickup.

Current Timeline: I am currently accepting commissions, and in general a commissioned work will take approximately 2 months (you may be able to expedite the work at an additional cost). When we start planning out the piece I can give you a better timeline commitment, which will be memorialized in the contract.

Contract: Here is a sample contract: Commission Contract CTD

Pricing: I am currently only creating works on paper in the following sizes and for the following prices:

o 22” x 30” = $2,500

o 12” x 12” = $1,500

o 6” x 6” =$750

Creative Overview: If you have a specific subject matter (family portrait, family pet, or certain landscape), I would ask that you send me several pictures and/or videos of the subject matter. That will allow me to get familiar with the subject matter and use all of the reference materials to create a compelling composition with my style. After I have had a chance to review the reference materials, I will send you a couple sketches and proposed color palates.

To get started, email Colin directly at

Or you can use the form below:



Down Payment

You can pay $250 to ensure you are slated for a commission to be completed before June 2018.


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