“War” is a powerful and emotionally-charged piece by artist Colin “The Ambidextrous Artist” Darke. Completed in 2023, this complete work measures 30″ x 30″ in acrylic on canvas. Through his unique style, Colin reflects on the theme of violence, drawing inspiration from ancient armor and the way decorative elements sanitized the brutality of weapons of war. In this piece, he explores the idea that certain individuals who obsess over gun rights miss or downplay the mass harm gun violence is doing to our world.

The result is a deeply moving work that captures the complexity of this important topic. Through the use of vibrant colors and textures, Colin invites the viewer to contemplate the impact of war and violence on society. In his other journaling painting, he reflects and paints when something triggers an avalanche of emotions. “War” was particularly difficult emotionally to paint, with Colin cutting holes in the canvas as a visual representation of tearing fabric of society. This stunning piece is a testament to the power of art to provoke thought and inspire change.


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