“Snake” is a contemplative piece by artist Colin “The Ambidextrous Artist” Darke. Measuring 30″ x 30″ in acrylic on canvas, this piece draws inspiration from a fable about a swallow bird who lays her eggs in a court, only to discover that they have been eaten by an evil snake. Filled with a sense of injustice and betrayal, the swallow cries out against the wrongs she has endured in a place that is supposed to be about justice and fairness.

As a concept, this has resonated deeply with Colin, particularly in light of recent Supreme Court cases that have shaken his belief in the rule of law and the forward progress of justice. Through his unique style, he explores the feeling that we as a society have slid backwards, and the frustration and anger that comes with that realization.

Through the use of color and texture, Colin captures the complexity of this theme, inviting the viewer to contemplate their own relationship with justice and fairness. “Snake” is a powerful and thought-provoking work that challenges us to reflect on the world around us and the role we each play in creating a just and equitable society.


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