Monkey See, Monkey DO


“Monkey See” is a captivating and personal work by artist Colin “The Ambidextrous Artist” Darke. Completed in 2017 using acrylic marker on the middle drawer of his father’s desk, this complete work measures 24″ x 18″. This unique canvas serves as a strong anchor to Colin’s youth, as it was once a drawer filled with items that he fondly remembers discovering.

In “Monkey See,” Colin explores the idea of benchmarking one’s beliefs and behaviors against those of their parents. He painted the bottom of the drawer black, then used white acrylic marker to depict himself and his father as monkeys, nodding to the idea that much of our thinking and behavior is rooted in evolution.

Through his bold use of color and strong symbolism, Colin encourages us to examine our own ideas and thought processes. The work invites the viewer to contemplate the role of influence in shaping our beliefs, as well as the power of independent thinking to foster growth and personal development.

Overall, “Monkey See” is a deeply personal and thought-provoking work of art that challenges us to question our assumptions and think critically about our place in the world. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of independent thought and the potential for growth that comes with questioning the status quo.


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