Justice Denied


My painting depicts a scene that is deeply personal to me, inspired by a memory from my time volunteering in court. It is a mixed media piece, created with acrylic paint and acrylic markers on a wood panel measuring 36″ x 36″. In the center of the painting, I’ve depicted a portrait of a judge, whose expression betrays little of the emotions she must feel in the face of the countless stories of injustice that pass through her courtroom.

Surrounding the judge, I’ve included decorative elements inspired by the Aesop fable of the sparrow and the snake. The snake, symbolizing acts of evil and injustice, is shown eating an egg, while a sparrow can be seen crying out in despair over the loss of her nest and her young. Together, these elements create a compelling visual narrative that speaks to the complex emotions and challenges faced by those who work within the justice system.

Through this painting, I hope to convey the feelings of sadness, frustration, and even anger that I experienced during my time volunteering in court. By using the imagery of the sparrow and the snake, I hope to highlight the injustices that can occur even within a house of justice, and to bring attention to the emotional toll that such work can take on those who undertake it. Overall, my painting is a tribute to the many people who work tirelessly to uphold the principles of justice, even in the face of immense challenges and difficult emotions.


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