My watercolor paintings have been a significant part of my artistic expression since college, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in watercolor painting. My style is heavily influenced by the German Expressionist movement, which prioritizes the emotional impact of art.

I love the immediacy of watercolor painting, as it allows me to capture the essence of a moment with bold colors and sharp ink lines. I strive to distill the complexity of a scene or a feeling into its most essential elements, creating works that are powerful and accessible.

I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, from landscapes to still life to portraits. My watercolors are a testament to the power of immediacy in art, inviting the viewer to connect with the emotion of the moment and experience it in a visceral way.

Overall, my watercolor paintings are a reflection of my artistic talent and vision. They offer a glimpse into the power of art to evoke emotion and to connect us to the world around us.

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