How & Why to Draw Boot Camp

Course Content

“How and Why to Draw”

Boot Camp with World-renowned ambidextrous artist Colin Darke — 30 Quick Classes (10 to 20 minutes each) with tips, inspiration (art lessons), and drills that you can practice every day to unleash your creativity. This Boot Camp also has bonus features, including an intro to art therapy, art history lessons, and free eBooks. Class available soon!

Session 1

  1. Seeing like an Artist and Fostering a Creative Habit
  2. Lessons from Vincent van Gogh
  3. Drills (Shadow Drawing & Gray-scale Drawing)

Session 2

  1. Understanding All Tools at your Disposal
  2. Lessons Learned from Alexander Calder
  3. Drills (Contour Drawing + Quick Sketches)

Session 3

  1. Practice with Purpose
  2. Lessons from Georgia O’Keeffe
  3. Drills (Drawing Flowers + Filling Journals)

Session 4

  1. Seeing in Shapes
  2. Lessons from Pablo Picasso
  3. Drills (Drawing Animals & Drawing Cartoons)

Session 5

  1. Make it Interesting (composition and perspective)
  2. Lessons Learned from Julie Mehretu
  3. Drills (Negative Space + 3D Words)

Session 6

  1. The World in a Still-Life
  2. Lessons Learned from Katja Oxman
  3. Drills (Joyful Still-Life + Covered Still-Life)

Session 7

  1. Creepy Scary Skeleton
  2. Lessons from Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Drills (Drawing a Skull + Drawing Dynamic Stick People)

Session 8

  1. Drawing Powerful Faces
  2. Lessons from Rembrandt van Rijn
  3. Drills (Face Proportions + Shapes & Drawing with Shadows)

Session 9

  1. Adding Color
  2. Lessons from Emil Nolde
  3. Drills (Watercolor Painting Intro + Masking Tape Painting)

Session 10

  1. Shortcuts & Closing Thoughts
  2. Lessons from Swoon and Other Modern Artists
  3. Drills (Access to my Daily Drill/Art Prompt Newsletter)

My Core Objectives

Being an artist is awesome, and you can be an awesome artist! Anyone and everyone can learn how to draw and reap the benefits of an art practice. In this boot camp, you’ll learn:

Drawing Fundamentals

How to Draw Faces

How to Draw Animals

How to Foster a Creative Habit