I would absolutely love to do a painting or drawing for you! In general, a watercolor painting will be around $750 and an original drawing will be $100 (along with the video of me doing the drawing using both hands).

The following is additional information for commissioning me to do a specific piece of artwork for you or your loved one (or anyone for that matter :)).

Here is a quote from Tom after receiving a commissioned portrait his wife had me create of their family:

Can’t thank you enough for the painting. Only 3 works of art have ever brought tears to my eyes. Now it’s four. Simply amazing and I’m totally blown away!

Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning me to create a watercolor painting or drawing for you or a loved one.

To get started, email Colin directly at

Or you can use the form below:

Down Payment

You can pay $250 to ensure you are slated for a commission to be completed before February 2019.


Here is some more information:

Process Overview:

o First, you contact me.

o Second, you let me know the subject matter (send me some photos and videos) and size you want (9” x 12”, 22” x 30”, 12” x 12”, or 6” x 6”).

o Third, download the contract below and we finalize terms.

o Fourth, I send you pictures of the final piece, you love it and pay the final installment (or you don’t and ask for a redo and don’t pay the full amount until you are happy), and I either send it to you (free shipping) or if you are in the Detroit area we figure out a time and place for pickup. 

Current Timeline: I am currently accepting commissions, and in general a commissioned watercolor  will take approximately 2 months and a commissioned drawing will take 2 weeks (you may be able to expedite the work at an additional cost). When we start planning out the piece I can give you a better timeline commitment, which will be memorialized in the contract.

Contract: Here is a sample contract: Commission Contract CTD

Pricing: I am currently only creating works on paper in the following sizes and for the following prices:

o Watercolor

  • 22” x 30” = $2,500
  • 12” x 12” = $1,750
  • 6” x 6” =$250

o Drawing 

  • 18” x 24” or 22″ x 30″ = $1,750
  • 9″ x 12″ or smaller =$250

Creative Overview: If you have a specific subject matter (family portrait, family pet, or certain landscape), I would ask that you send me several pictures and/or videos of the subject matter. That will allow me to get familiar with the subject matter and use all of the reference materials to create a compelling composition with my style. After I have had a chance to review the reference materials, I will send you a couple sketches and proposed color palates.

Additional Examples of Commissioned Work

Do you want something truly unique for your special occasion? Shouldn’t your Save the Date be as unique and beautiful as you and your significant other? You are planning a special occasion, so why not start blowing everyone’s minds and getting them excited about your truly special occasion by sending them a piece of art that was created for your event? Or a magical illustration to announce your new addition.

I create watercolors and pen & ink illustrations or a combination of both to provide you with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind invitation.

Birds of a feather
Love Birds — Illinois state bird + Michigan state bird
Robin (new birth) + Tulip (perfect love)
Swan –grace, beauty, and fidelity

Here is an illustration I did announcing a charity event:

Donkey and Lamb

For wedding gifts or event gifts, I can also team up with my sister and fellow artist Kelly Darke to create 6″ x 6″ pieces or art based on your theme, which your guest keep as a truly unique gift.

The picture below shows a reception where each table was named after a flower, and each seat had an original piece of art based on the table name, which the guests were able to take home.