Art Club

Art Club

No matter what, if you are on this page please fill out the form below to become a member of my Art Club and start receiving benefits today — you can always upgrade from your free account to a paid account to receive more benefits. The Creativity Champion and Patron All-Star memberships can be given as a gift — just let me know that is your intent in the Message below.

So 3 Steps:

  • #1 – Decide which level you want to join — you can upgrade at any time.
  • #2 – Fill-out the form below, and in the message let me know if you want it delivered as a gift or directly to the email provided.
  • #3 – Enjoy new content every week, and cancel at any time*

* restrictions apply — namely, if you join to get a discount and then cancel, that won’t work … but if you find you are not taking advantage of the deals, then that’s fine and you can downgrade at any time.

The Creativity Champion is only $5.00 a month, and in addition to all the other benefits you get a drawing video worth $250 instantly (restrictions apply — namely I can only draw so many things in a given month). I will limit memberships to ensure I can meet any demand, so if you are in, you are in. You’ll receive the Unleashing Creativity Newsletter, a first look at new products, a free eBook, the free drawing video, and free shipping for orders over $40. From now through December 18 , you will also get 25% off original art and commissioned piece. 

No payment method connected. Contact seller.

The Patron All-Star is the highest level ($39.99 a month), so it is the level I’ll continue to add additional benefits to throughout the year. You will receive everything in the Creativity Champion level noted above, and you will get 10 free drawing videos a year (instead of just the 1 above) — think how many people you’ll impress! Honestly, a drawing video will be a gift anyone would talk about for years to come. You will also get 50% off original art and commissioned pieces — restrictions do apply, but that’s mainly due to time constraints versus pricing, so when I offer pieces for $750 or for $10,000, you still get the 50% off (just need to purchase prior to  other Patron All-Stars purchase it).