Colin Darke is a viral ambidextrous artist whose videos have been viewed more than 50 million times. His art has been shown and shared around the world. He is also an accomplished writer, corporate executive, attorney, leadership coach, and lifelong learner (he has two advanced degrees where he was awarded scholarships and an academic prize for his scholarship).

More importantly, art and his art practice helps him control stress and to be more mindful and present for his family and friends. He is dedicated to sharing his love for art so that others can likewise find their joy with an art practice.

What People Say

Your work is awesome, love your TikTok page — it’s fire.

DJ Mr. Green

Now this is the creativity I’m talking about –100

NBA Great Chris Bosh

Can’t thank you enough for the painting. Only 3 works of art have ever brought tears to my eyes. Now it’s four. Simply amazing and I’m totally blown away!

Dr. Tom (commissioned piece)

Let’s create together.

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