Michigan artist, lawyer sparks creativity with his ambidextrous art on TikTok

(WXYZ) — “Drawing’s always been a passion of mine,” said Colin Darke. The Grosse Pointe Farms resident honed his creative spirit starting at a young age, growing up in a big family.

“I’m the youngest of five, we’re artists and lawyers,” he said.

A house divided, but also not – because Colin is both an artist and a lawyer, which actually matches another unique aspect of his life.

“Some people become ambidextrous because they break one arm and then they work on the other one a lot. This was just something that came naturally,” he said.

His mother is also ambidextrous, and switching from his left to his right hand and back to his left was just what he did.

After getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts in watercolor, Colin went to law school. It was there that he made a commitment to honor his passion for art more often, not wanting to lose a part of him he loved so much.

“I do the, you know, ‘what would my 80-year-old self tell myself right now?’ … like ‘you gave up on this passion just to focus on a career or focus on this other aspect.’ So then I just committed to myself that, OK, just to make my 80-year-old self happy, I’ll draw every day at a bare minimum,” he said.

Once a self described art snob who heavily edited his own work, Colin said it was when his ambidextrous art took off on TikTok that he realized his ability to freely create didn’t just bring him joy, but others, too.

“I would get DMs and comments saying how people watch the … mirror drawings and the single line drawings, in particular, how they can watch those over and over again and it provides them ease and provides them comfort and joy and wonder. Getting that feedback is even more of a, ‘alright, this is providing value and joy to others. I should lean into it and get over any insecurity that I have about posting,'” said Colin.

Now with nearly 700,000 followers on the platform, Colin continues to foster community through his work.

“Creating a dialog and trying to create wonder is just a big part of why I create,” he said.

His next adventure: finishing up a book he’s been working on.




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To do “good” with the attention his drawings can garner, Colin redesigned his site and store (www.ctdarke.com), and the overall focus of his growing platform is to raise money for local art or STEAM programs, starting with Detroit non-profit Arts & Scraps. 


Arts & Scraps works to provide science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) education for children in the Detroit area. Starting May 7, 2021, through June30, 2021, Colin will donate 50% to 100% to Arts & Scraps (and if people donate $5 or more directly to Arts & Scraps, Colin will send them his beautifully illustrated retelling of Aesop fables eBook). 


Arts & Scraps is a Detroit nonprofit that reimagines recycled industrial materials, inspiring people of all ages to think, create, and learn. Its focus is helping children who live in low-income areas, providing hands-on learning and creative STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) programs at their Detroit facility. They recycle 28 tons of materials each year, serving 275,000 children by assisting 3,300 community organizations and classrooms. More information can be found on http://www.artsandscraps.org/.