“Hope Against Odds,” 6″ x 6″

Gouache on board

Hope against Odds (sold)

This piece is from my “Hope Against Odds” series of hummingbird paintings, and as you may notice from its name –this is the original piece in that series.  The “Hope Against Odds” series was well received, and this piece in particular was juried into a very competitive New York shows (juried Rackstraw Downes (2009 MacArthur Fellow)).

This series was completed through 2011 and 2012, and in this series I explored my
relationship with (and optimism for) Detroit, Michigan. I used abstract cityscapes
juxtaposed with realistic hummingbirds. This series responded to the simple narrative presented by “ruin porn” (countless photographers ignoring beautiful buildings to only show abandoned buildings) through the use of a hummingbird to symbolize the positive energy actually pushing Detroit forward — an energy that is even more apparent now where anyone can see the City changing for the better every day.


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