The Hare and The Hound

“The Hare and The Hound” 24″ x 18″

Acrylic on board (and acrylic pen)



Currently showing at The Carr Center’s

Art in the City: Detroit Visionaries


This is another painting inspired by an Aesop fable:

The Hare and The Hound

A hunter saw a hare running close by and so yelled at his trusty hound to catch it, so that the hunter could cook it.  So the hound darted after the hare.   The hound pursued the hare for a long distance, but the hare was able to out race the hound.

The hunter laughed at his hound.  “You are bigger and stronger than that hare, and yet you could not catch it.”

The hound replied, “Well, you missed the difference in our running style.  I am running after the hare because it is my job.  The hare, on the other hand, is running for his life.”

Moral: “Incentive spurs effort.”

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