Go Home to Find Yourself — Review of Beverly Buchanan’s Show at The N’Nambdi Center for Contemporary Art

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Originally published with thedetroiter.com

A picture of a home is a powerful symbol.  It represents a childhood, a wish, a castle, a refuge; it is a complicated structure to hold the countless stories of an individual’s life lived.  Bo Bartlett is a figurative painter who purchased his childhood home to use as a studio.  He uses it so that his childhood can inspire his current artwork.  I often drive by my childhood home to reminisce.

Beverly Buchanan is an artist that explores architectural structures, including homes.  She creates small sculptural works–houses and churches–with uneven (seemingly found) wood. She creates a compelling story about her life in the rural South.

While her work has hints of craft and outsider art, her pieces tell a more complex and compelling story than a simple style or review can explain. Viewers can appreciate her story by seeing her latest show at the N’Namdi Center. She has a show that ends today, April 19.

In her latest show, The N’Nambdi Center for Contemporary Art in Midtown displays her work in a compelling narrative that starts with dark, mysterious homes and ends with colorful, cheerful churches, all of which are given another layer through Ms. Buchanan’s energetic color pastel drawings of simple houses.

If you can, you should visit Ms. Buchanan’s houses today.

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