I’m Ambidextrous Artist & Creativity Coach
Colin Darke

Colin Darke, a distinguished American artist, has garnered global acclaim through his exceptional prowess as an ambidextrous artist. Beyond his remarkable artistic gift, he has harnessed his innate creativity to excel as a skilled writer, attorney, curator, speaker, visionary founder, and insightful advisor. With a rich journey spanning over 18 years, Colin’s multifaceted pursuits are underscored by his unique process, enabling him to nurture his creativity and channel it into an insatiable pursuit of intellectual curiosity.

About Me

Colin Darke, based in Detroit, Michigan, is an accomplished artist, attorney, and entrepreneur known for bridging the realms of artistic passion and legal expertise, cultivating a unique synergy between his creative and analytical pursuits

Drawing Creativity from Both Hands: The Story of Colin Darke

What Services I’m Providing

Explore a world of possibilities with my offerings: commission unique artwork, enrich your knowledge through engaging courses, or experience personalized guidance as your attorney, advisor, consultant, or coach

Commission Art

Colin Darke’s commissioned artworks emanate a harmonious blend of creativity and emotion, meticulously tailored to reflect the client’s vision, resulting in captivating pieces that resonate on a profound level.

Learn with Colin

Embark on a transformative journey by enrolling in one of my immersive courses—be it art, leadership, or mindfulness—unleashing your potential, igniting growth, and nurturing a profound connection with your inner self.

Work with Colin

Elevate your professional journey by engaging directly with me, whether as your dedicated executive coach, trusted attorney and advisor, or strategic fintech/start-up consultant, unlocking tailored insights and guidance to navigate the complexities of your chosen path.

Ambidextrous Artwork

Witness a captivating showcase of my artwork as it takes center stage on Good Morning America in this featured video.

Recent Highlights

Here are some highlights of cool things that have happened because I keep putting my art out into the world

Singer Andy Grammer appreciating my work
Hamilton the Musical appreciating my work

My Portfolio

Here are some of my favorite pieces

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